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Kyiv School of Economics offers four modern English-taught programs:


Business Economics

Business Economics is suitable for those who plan to start their own business in the future and want to understand how the economy works at different levels, and be able to predict its further development, those who want to study modern business, different approaches to marketing, project management, teams and organizations.

Economics and Big Data

Economics and Big Data is an interdisciplinary programme which combines modern economic theory with data science. You will learn how to analyse and process data, code and use different environments to work with data, create new models of machine learning or work in other areas of artificial intelligence. This programme has great potential as data analysis with the knowledge in a particular business/economy arena is becoming more popular.

IT and Business Analytics

IT and Business Analytics is created for students who see themselves in the IT-industry: who want to create software, websites, interfaces, mobile applications or computer games, etc. We combine software development with management skills, as the vector of executive positions in business analytics is very relevant nowadays. In senior courses students have additional specialization with business analytics in IT.

An intensive practical component of the programs will allow graduates to continue their studies in Ukraine and abroad, as well as work successfully in international companies.


During the study, students will choose some subjects on their own. There are profile disciplines for in-depth study and disciplines from other fields among the subjects. All programs are modernized according to today’s requirements and adapted to a mixed format (online + offline). It will help our students to study in a comfortable and safe environment. We regularly update the list of disciplines to meet the challenges which our graduates will face. For example, recently, in addition to main subjects and basic disciplines, we include to our curricula the following disciplines: “Propaganda and Counter-Propaganda”, “Modern History of Ukraine”, “Military and Postwar Economy”, “Fundamentals of Civil Defense”. The full list of subjects is available below on the course map.


Kyiv School of Economics successfully cooperates with Coursera and provides opportunities for students to take courses and receive certificates from leading world universities, which will undoubtedly be an advantage for their further career development.


We give our students a completely free rein in a choice of courses – they can even attend the courses which differ from the chosen programme curriculum. The number of courses and university participants for one course is not limited.


If students listen to several logically connected elective courses, they will be able to get an additional specialization (so-called minor). For example, in the field of IT, students who prefer to build bridges between software developers and customers, monitor product development from initial requirements to the final stage, analyze and improve the user experience, will be able to obtain an additional minor “Business Analysis in IT”.


Maximum number of budget places available for entrants:


Business Economics: 10

Economics and Big Data: 7

IT and Business Analytics: 11


*The price is indicated for the whole period.

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IT and Business Analytics


4 years






₴ 480000



Economics and Big Data / Business Economics


4 years






₴ 400000



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Advantages of studying at KSE

English as the language of instruction

The study process at these three bachelor’s programs is in English. However, we don’t require from applicants additional certificates or external independent evaluation in English. In the first year there’s intensive study of English so that every student could achieve an appropriate level, at this point the teaching language is Ukrainian. The study process in English prepares students for further work in international companies.

Professional Teachers

We have scholars with Western education and school partners who occupy leading positions in IT, economics and business teaching at KSE. They know modern technologies, present the material in an interesting way, additionally explain difficult elements and aim to pass the knowledge to students. All of our teachers have a recognized reputation and are in active scientific search, constantly updating their knowledge.

Practice-oriented study

We’re regularly studying labour market needs while our partner companies are directly involved in curriculum formation.  Since the second year, students take part in 2-month summer training in leading companies (not only partners). Students get acquainted with the corporate environment in actual conditions and get their first work experience. It allows them to apply their knowledge, and also provides quick adaptation and employment after graduation. At the end of the study students work on their projects (diploma work) which can become a start-up. 

Comfortable and safe learning

We’re studying offline in a new building (10 minutes from Beresteiska and Shuliavska metro stations) with modern classrooms, coworking, multimedia systems and study rooms.


Depending on the situation, the school can ensure the transition of students to online learning, which is facilitated by the corporate subscription to the ZOOM program with advanced capabilities.


All the workers are fully vaccinated, students are also vaccinating.


The study year is divided into 5 mini-terms 2 months each, with examinations and holidays at the end. Study process is intensive, but during one term students study only 3 disciplines. This allows students to fully concentrate on the material.


Students are organized in compact groups (13-25 people) and re-organized by the knowledge level after each examination session. We implement an individual approach, looking for the best variants to organize classes and providing additional if needed. 


For the safety of all participants, there is a comfortable shelter with everything needed on the ground floor of the school. Also the bomb shelter – Shulyavska metro station – is nearby.


The department of undergraduate programs is in contact constantly with each of the undergraduate students to ensure quality and timely communication.


We believe that the student and his needs should be put at the centre of the higher education system. There’s no place for arrogance and pressure at KSE. We provide honest and fair assessment and expel for cheating. Kyiv School of Economics creates a community of conscious, active people for whom personal and professional development is important along with the values of cooperation, social responsibility and solidarity. We teach responsible leadership so that our graduates will create local communities and further become change makers in the country.

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